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Versatile Application Possibilities

The smart forms and BOM lists that the Dynamic Configurator offers you are widely applicable. A large number of customers use the Dynamic Configurator for their sales- KYC- data entry and other processes. Each in its own way that shows the versatility of the product.


Order & Product Configuration

Easily shape your sales processes with the smart forms and parts lists of the Dynamic Configurator.

Ensure compliance with the rules of your business when creating and completing each order.

Prevent errors that often appear late in your logistic process.

Handicare and Stella already use the smart forms and BOM lists of the Dynamic Configurator in their logistics processes.

CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote for Microsoft Dynamics 365


(Field) Service

Servicing your products is a complex process that constantly evolves. Think about the new problems that can occur or the large variety of parts that are needed to fix these problems.

Being able to respond to change quickly is paramount. By not being dependent on a consultant to implement these changes you gain an edge over competitors.

Dynamic Configuration enables you to make changes to your business process automation on your own in a simple manner.

Integrations with your CRM and ERP systems ensure that the Dynamic Configurator always acts based on the latest information.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

“Has the money I’m getting payed with been obtained honestly?” This question is becoming increasingly important across business all over the world.

To be able to continue to act quickly, being able to answer this question fast and adequate is essential.

Dynamic Configurator helps you to assess risks immediately by estimating the likelihood of malicious parties based on questions and answers.


ACT en Dynamic People already use the Dynamic Configurator for their Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

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Collecting data in a structured way

  • Increase the quality of your data: use validation logic. The Dynamic Configurator offers you a wide range of validation tools.
  • Collect data in the most efficient way: only ask the questions that really matter. With rules you influence which questions are visible and when.
  • Work more flexible: take control of when and how you implement changes. You are not dependent on consultants to implement your changes.
  • Let people work faster: make your systems smarter. Manage your business rules in one convenient and easy way. So everyone always works according to the rules of your company.